How to Clear Recently Played on SoundCloud

In the ever-evolving landscape of music streaming, SoundCloud stands out for its unique blend of mainstream hits, indie tracks, and everything in between. Whether you’re on an epic musical journey, discovering hidden gems, or enjoying the latest from your favorite artists, SoundCloud’s vast library has something for everyone. But as we navigate through this musical maze, our listening history can sometimes feel like a cluttered room, echoing the tracks of yesterday, leaving us yearning for a fresh start. In my view, managing your listening history is not just about decluttering; it’s about refining your musical taste and experience. So, how do you go about clearing your recently played tracks on SoundCloud? Let’s dive in.

Why Clear Recently Played?

Privacy and Clean Slate:

At the drop of a hat, our listening habits can paint a vivid picture of our mood swings, from the adrenaline-pumping dance tracks of a Saturday night to the soothing melodies of a lazy Sunday afternoon. In our social media-driven world, privacy is as cold as ice—a rare commodity. Clearing your listening history on SoundCloud not only protects your musical privacy but also gives you the chance to start afresh, free from the echoes of past listens.

Tailored Recommendations

SoundCloud, like a skilled bartender, mixes your listening history to serve you the perfect musical cocktail. But what if your tastes have evolved? Clearing your history is akin to telling the bartender to switch up the recipe, ensuring the recommendations you receive are in tune with your current preferences, not those of yesteryear.

Step-by-Step Guide

Contrary to what some might suggest, SoundCloud’s interface doesn’t offer a direct ‘Clear All’ option for your listening history. However, managing your digital footprint on the platform can still be achieved with a few steps.

Have you ever stumbled upon a track on SoundCloud that you just can’t stop listening to?

On Mobile App

SoundCloud hasn’t provided a direct feature to clear the entire listening history in one go on its mobile app, be it on iOS or Android. For many users, the journey of manually removing tracks might seem tedious, a testament to the evolving needs of digital music consumption and privacy. Here’s a step-by-step approximation:

For those of us glued to our smartphones, the process of clearing your recently played tracks on the SoundCloud app is as straightforward as it gets. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Your Library: Tap on the ‘Library’ icon to view your recent listens.
  2. Manual Removal: While there isn’t a one-tap solution, you can individually remove tracks by swiping on the track you wish to remove and selecting ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove from History’, depending on your app’s version.

On Desktop

The desktop version of SoundCloud, accessed through a web browser, similarly does not offer a ‘Clear All’ button for your listening history. However, it does allow for a more straightforward view of your recent tracks, making individual removal slightly less cumbersome.

  1. Visit Your Profile: Log into SoundCloud and click on your profile.
  2. Access History: Navigate to the ‘History’ tab to see your recently played tracks.
  3. Manual Deletion: Click the ‘X’ or ‘Remove’ button next to each track to delete it from your history.


If you find yourself barking up the wrong tree, struggling to clear your history, it might be time to head back to the drawing board. Ensure your app is updated to the latest version, as new features and bug fixes are regularly released.

Enhancing Your SoundCloud Experience

Clearing your history is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly enhance your SoundCloud journey, dive into the settings to discover features like private sessions, which allow you to listen anonymously, and use the filter box to curate your future listening sessions.

Discovering New Music

With a clean slate, embark on a quest to uncover new artists and genres. SoundCloud’s ‘Discover’ tab is your compass, pointing you towards music that resonates with your refined taste.

Managing Your Music Preferences

Finally, take control of your musical journey by actively liking and interacting with new tracks and artists. This will fine-tune the algorithm to your current tastes, leading to a richer, more personalized SoundCloud experience.


Clearing your recently played on SoundCloud isn’t just about housekeeping; it’s a step towards a more tailored and private listening experience. As you venture back into the vast expanse of SoundCloud’s library, remember that with every track cleared, you’re not just erasing history—you’re setting the stage for your next musical discovery.


  1. Can I recover tracks once they’re removed from my history?
    No, once a track is removed from your history, it cannot be recovered. Think of it as an epic victory over clutter.
  2. Will clearing my history affect my saved playlists?
    No, clearing your history only affects the list of recently played tracks, not your curated playlists.
  3. Can I clear my history on the SoundCloud website?
    Yes, you can remove individual tracks from your history on the website, but there is no option to clear all history at once.
  4. Why doesn’t SoundCloud have a ‘clear all’ feature for history?
    It’s unclear why this feature isn’t available, but individual track removal allows for more selective history management.
  5. How often should I clear my recently played?
    This is entirely up to personal preference. Some may prefer to keep a clean slate regularly, while others may never feel the need to clear their history.

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